CAPELLA ROPES implemented a quality management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard in order to guarantee that the conception, development and production of products respected.



Quality Control


The production process is meticulously controlled and quality controls can be carried out during any phase, whether initial, intermediate or final. Aware of the importance of investigation and technological innovation applied to quality control, we have our own laboratories for measuring and testing in a scientific and reliable way. These laboratories are completely adequate for testing our range of products. In one of our labs, we test the physical property; in the other one we conduct testing of chemical performance. We also have a test bench that is able to measure loads of up to 500 Tons.



Tests Performed in the LAB


• Linear Density


• Breaking Strength


• Knot breaking strength


• Sheath slippage


• Abrasion resistance


• Elongation


• Creep


• Shrinkage


• Water absorption


• Impact of force


• Number of falls


• Melting point


• Resistance to UV degradation


• Resistance to acid


• Resistance to alkali



Our R+D department is involved in development and research into new products to fulfil any of our customers requests.


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