CAPELLA ROPES is a trademark of ROPENET group, provider of rope solutions worldwide.

As a private owned company, ROPENET was engaged in fiber ropes, webbing and nets manufacturing from China since 2002. Now the firm become the worldwide pioneer in various markets for commercial marine, commercial fishing, work safety, agriculture, yachting, industrial and sport applications.


Quality, innovation and sustainability are critical measures for ROPENET behaviors. It is our prior concern to understand the issues involving quality risk associated with our products and to continually improve. To be access with the most advanced technology and industrial news, ROPENET are active at various organizations to participate in the developing of industry regulation and product standards.


Certified by ISO 9001, ROPENET guarantees reliability and efficiency in the manufacturing process. ROPENET is committed to providing environment - friendly products. We regard every yarn has a life. Under strict control of our production system, over 97% of raw material gets into finished products.


With years of experience and passion, ROPENET keeps its focus in the future, being strategically positioned at the center of ropes and nets global manufacturing, standing on the front line of innovation, continuously providing new solutions to serve a broad reach of sectors and international customer needs.

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